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Coming soon to consoles and VR platforms:

Necrodrome VR

A violent futuristic reality TV-show shooter, Smash TV meets Black Mirror. Your goal is to entertain viewers to grow hype by killing crowds of zombies and weird mutants, this is the only way to survive. Stream game to Twitch and play with Twitch channel spectators with live streaming interactions – viewers can help you or troll you.

Intense zombie-shooting arena action in a violent futuristic TV show setting

Fight against groups of zombies and various mutant types & weird bosses

Many varied-usage weapons (15+) and inventive deadly mechanisms

Unique gameplay mechanics 3rd and 1st person shooter gameplay in Virtual Reality

Audience popularity-driven AI and Twitch Live Streaming interactions

Co-op and several novel game modes plus online and social features

Come back later for more information about the project!



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